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V6.0 Software Editions


What's new:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Engine


  • Windows 10 compatibility


  • FREE LITE Edition Software
    (No dongle required)


  • Several minor improvements and fixes


MPORTANT: Please note that security dongle keys for Centaur Version 5.2 and earlier will not work with version 6.0 of the software.




CENTAUR Software Editions


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Every software edition includes a CENTAUR Server with an administration console plus all these software modules:

Pro-Report with Tracker: On demand, scheduled or customized reports
FrontView: Live interactive floor plans
FrontGuard: Display the card holder's picture on an access granted/denied event
FrontDesk: Dedicated interface for card management and printing
Locator: Monitor each card holder's location
WavePlayer: Play an audible warning to draw a distracted operator's attention to the system


Workstation license (CS-WSLIC):

CENTAUR supports an unlimited amount of Workstations with any CENTAUR Software edition. The Workstation license includes: Centaur Administration Console and all software modules.




It is recommended to use a dedicated computer to install CENTAUR server.





CENTAUR Standard Features:

Guard TourGuard Tour

Live interactive guard tour allows check point validation using card readers, input points (Motion sensors, key switches, or push buttons) or data collectors (PulseStar Data Collection System by Videx). Includes live alarms for time violations and intuitive exception reports.








AssetAsset Management

Why buy something that you already have? Keep track of your assets and save time and money. Quickly find who is in possession of your assets.






ParkingParking Management

Centaur Parking Management provides a parking activity monitor. Quickly view how many parking spaces are used, by which user and how many parking spaces are available. Manually allocate or free parking spaces. Activate a “PARKING FULL” sign when parking capacity is reached.




Visitor ManagementVisitor Management

Preserves a complete record of all visitor activities and keeps each visitor’s information for subsequent visits. Centaur’s Visitor Module will securely validate the comings and goings of all visitors.



Multiple Languages


Biometrics integration
(L1 Technology, formerly Bioscrypt)


Alarm integration

Arm/disarm an alarm system with a double card swipe


Card Usage/Card Counter options (use a card up to 255 times on a door)


All reports can be sent automatically by e-mail



Supports the following DVR manufacturers:

• Aimetis
• Capture
• Dahua
• Dedicated Micros
• Digiop
• Digital Watchdog
DVR• Everfocus
• Exacq Technologies (ExacqVision)
• HikVision
• Infinova
• Microcom
• Milestone (XProtect)
• Pelco
• Samsung
• Sphere
• View Gate
• Vivotek IP Camera
• Vivotek
• WatchNET




Computer Requirements (CENTAUR Server):

The Centaur software is designed to operate with IBM or IBM compatible
computers running a suitable Windows operating system as detailed in the
“Operating System Requirements (Centaur Server)”.

• Dual-Core 2.2 Ghz
• 2GB RAM (4GB for superior performance)
• RS-232 serial port or USB port
  (depending on the installation, more than one may be required)
• For dial-up sites, the Centaur Server and each dial-up site requires a
  US Robotics Sportster 56k baud modem (external/internal).
  WinModems are not supported.


Operating System Requirements (CENTAUR Server):

The Centaur Server has been tested on the following operating systems:

• Windows 8 & 8.1 Professional
• Windows 7 Professional
• Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate
• Windows XP Home or Professional Edition (English and French) Service Pack 3
• Windows 2008 Server R2 Edition (English and French)
• Windows 2008 Server Edition (English and French)
• Windows 2003 Server Edition (English and French)
• Windows 2000 Professional Edition (English, French, and Spanish)
• Windows 2000 Server Edition (English, French, and Dutch)


Other software requirements (available on the CD):

• MDAC 2.8
• Microsoft Database Engine, MSDE8 (SQL 2000 Express)
• Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher)
• Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher
• XML 3.0 Parser

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