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What's New in Version 5.0



• New user objects simplifying management while allowing greater flexibility
  (Assign multiple cards per user, create user groups and apply changes to
  all members of a group in 1 click)
• Visitor Management (sign in/out visitors using a signature pad)
• FrontDesk User Management Module
• DVR Module, supports the following DVR manufacturer:
  HIK Vision, Dahua, Vivotek, Everfocus, Infinova, Microcom, Capture and
   more to come... Contact CDVI to add your DVR
• New Parking management
• Now supports Windows XP (Home and Pro) & Windows Vista
  (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate editions)
• Pictures of users/visitors are now saved in the Centaur database
• Acquire user/visitor pictures from Webcam or normal Digital Camera (Twain)
• New “Last Access” TAB in user/visitor properties
• New “Door Access Rights” TAB in user/visitor properties
• Capture signature (save to database) and print it on badge
• Macro: activate pre-defined actions following occurence of an event or manually
  (16 actions per Macro)

• Picture Editing (Crop picture and Size)

• Now conserves the picture proportions (respect ratio aspects)

• Reports speed, accuracy and content have been dramatically improved

• Added 12 new custom text fields per user

• Added 4 new custom date fields per user

• Added 4 new custom true/false fields per user

• User/visitor properties: Company, department and job title object are now selectable
   by a drop down menu

• Import/Export Card templates (Badging)

• New and improved cards properties

• Default access levels for cards has been changed to NONE for additional security

• Default access levels in groups

• Selectable option in cards to use group default access levels

• New search engine allowing operators to quickly search for a card, user or visitor
  (using any field allowing them to make quick modifications)

• New event definition option, allowing to trigger actions on access granted on any door for any specific user

• New macros allowing the system to activate multiple devices by event definition   (Max 16 actions per Marco)

• Enable/disable users using a macro with the event definition

• New headcount application (Live Mustering Reports)

• New risk levels used in the headcount application

• Displayed, in the tree, the quantity of objects for each type

• Dynamically hide unused floors in the sites

• Event/programming reports have been changed to accommodate all the new objects

• New Time & Attendance settings (now use users and user groups instead of cards)

• Access Level properties: Users TAB to list what users use this access level

• Door properties: New "User" TAB to say what user has access to this Door

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