Our team at CDVI has put together a complete resource center for the KRYPTO Mobile-PASS on our website. This page regroups everything you need to know about our new mobile credential solution. Beneficial to end-users, feel free to share this page with your customers. Listed below are different types of resources you’ll encounter when visiting the page.

From A to Z, each step is well explained to teach the end-user how to activate their Mobile-PASS and how to adjust their Bluetooth range. First time using it? Watch the App Overview for our must-know tips!

System Administrator Section
A specific section has also been created to bring resources to System Administrators! They’ll find very detailed video tutorials explaining how to add a license of 25 Mobile-PASS in ATRIUM and how to send a Mobile-PASS to a user. For further information, the System Administrator Manual is available for download.

This section is the most effective way to share information about the Mobile-PASS registration, operation, and app settings. This list will provide instant answers to your customers’ questions.


Click here to visit the KRYPTO Mobile-PASS page!