Everything you need to know about Krypto Mobile-PASS!

The mobile credential is the future of the access card. Allowing users the convenience of using their phone to unlock doors, while maintaining a high level of security. Find below a series of videos on How to activate your Krypto Mobile-PASS into your phone and how to manage the App.

For security reasons, a user’s Mobile-PASS is permanently linked to their phone and cannot be transferred.

Adopt your Favorite Unlock Mode!

  • Use facial recognition or fingerprint
  • Scan your phone
  • Simply tap the door icon
  • Say ”Open Door”
  • Get automatically detected

System Administrator

To help you to get your system ready for smartphone use, we’ve created the following tutorials :

1- How to Activate your AMC25 License Card

2- How to send a Mobile-PASS on a phone

ATRIUM BT Application Videos & Tutorials

Activate your Mobile-PASS

ATRIUM BT App Overview

How to adjust the Bluetooth range



The Google Play and Apple Store automatically prevent apps that are not compatible with your phone from being displayed in the search results. Try to update the IOS or Android version of your phone. Older phones may no longer be supported by Apple or Android, leaving no updates available. If this is the case, you will not be able to run or install newer apps on the non-supported IOS or Android system version.

Make sure:

  • you are using a CDVI Krypto Bluetooth reader (K1BT or K2) or keypad (K3) to register the Mobile-PASS.
  • the application is open and you click on the scan button.
  • you hold your phone right up to the reader and wait for the green checkmark.
  • your phone’s NFC feature is turned on. (Contact your phone manufacturer for more details about NFC.)

The email also contains a code, copy & paste it into the ATRIUM BT app to add your Mobile-PASS manually.

A Mobile-PASS needs to be activated before it can be used. If you are not on-site, your pass will be in pending mode.

To complete the activation, simply go on-site and open the ATRIUM BT app. As soon as one of the Krypto Bluetooth readers detect you, your KRYPTO Mobile-PASS activation will be complete.

Uninstalling the application will not remove your KRYPTO Mobile-PASS from your smartphone. Only if you delete the KRYPTO Mobile-PASS from the ATRIUM BT app or reset your smartphone to factory default will the KRYPTO Mobile-PASS be deleted and removed permanently.

Yes, for security reasons, if you reset your phone to factory default, all of  your KRYPTO Mobile-PASS will be deleted permanently. Your system administrator has to send you a new KRYPTO Mobile-PASS.


The “Scan” mode uses NFC technology. Some phones are not equipped with NFC, while others require activating/deactivating it in Settings.

How do I check if my phone has NFC and how do I turn it on? 


Got to Settings > Wireless & Networks, you will either see an NFC or More option. From there you can turn it off or on. 

You can also contact your phone’s manufacturer to confirm whether this feature is available on your device. 


For iPhones XS, 11 and 12, the NFC is on by default. 

For iPhones 7, 8 and X using iOS 14, you can turn on NFC from the Control Center. 

For iPhones 6 and older, the NFC feature is not available.


Got to Settings > Wireless & Networks, you will either see an NFC or More option. From there you can turn it off or on.
You can also contact your phone’s manufacturer to confirm whether this feature is available on your device.


For iPhones XS, 11 and 12, the NFC is on by default.
For iPhones 7, 8 and X using iOS 14, you can turn on NFC from the Control Center.
For iPhones 6 and older, the NFC feature is not available.

Click on the Scan button at the bottom of the Home page if the reader does not automatically detect the phone. Locate the NFC antenna in your phone and place it at the height of the light on the Krypto Bluetooth reader. For iPhones, you must place your phone right against the reader.

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Make sure the app is open when trying to unlock a door
  • Check that Bluetooth and/or NFC are turned on.
  • Make sure you are trying to unlock the door from the Home Page and not the Door Settings page.
  • Double check the unlock mode and the unlock distance.
  • Step out and back into the reader detection zone.

To unlock the door using the voice command, you must say ”Open Door”.

Make sure the ATRIUM BT app is open and verify that you gave it permission to access Speech Recognition and your Microphone.

These two features are not available when there is an entry reader and an exit reader on the same door.

Your smartphone has to be equipped with a Biometric feature: Facial recognition or fingerprint authentication.

If your smartphone is not equipped with a Biometric feature, this unlock mode will not be available.

If you are not sure, verify with your phone manufacturer.

For security reasons, the setting menu needs to be validated by biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition) or a password. If your phone doesn’t have a biometric authentication or has some issues with validation, it will ask you for a password.

The ATRIUM BT app will scan and detect any KRYPTO Bluetooth reader (door) in its range. The KRYPTO Bluetooth reader with the strongest signal will appear at the top of the list. If you walk and have multiple doors connected you will see the order change.

You can pin doors you use most frequently to always appear at the top of the list. They will be in gray when you are out of range.

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Make sure your phone has the NFC feature and that it’s turned on (Contact your phone manufacturer to have more details).
  • Step out and back into the reader detection zone.
  • Locate your NFC antenna on your phone and hold this area on the reader
  • Make sure your phone case is not blocking the antenna or any NFC signal.
    • Try with a NFC-friendly case
  • Some car phone holders that include adhesive magnets can interfere with NFC.


Like most Bluetooth devices, the app will use a certain amount of battery when open because the phone is constantly searching for the Bluetooth signal.


  • Put the app in background mode when not using it. This will reduce battery usage.
  • Keep in mind that a longer detection range requires more battery power to detect readers from further away. A shorter reading range will consume less power.

Click on the credential icon in the top right corner. From the My Credentials page click the settings icon in the bottom right corner, then click Default Language and select your new language.

For Android phones, the ATRIUM BT app requests permission to pair the Bluetooth reader with your phone. Pairing the reader with your phone will increase the speed of communication by 50% compared to an unpaired reader and allowing you to unlock the door faster. The only exception to this is if you are using the “SCAN” method to unlock a door. The “SCAN” mode uses NFC technology instead of Bluetooth.