CA-A480-A – Elevator Controller

When connected to the CT-V900-A controller’s expansion bus, each CA-A480-A can control up to 16 floors. The CA-A480-A floor control relays can be interfaced directly with an elevator’s floor control buttons.

When a valid card is presented, the appropriate floor control relays will be activated, allowing the cardholder to select the desired floor. Destination Controlled Mode, which requires a CA-A482-P Destination Reporting Module, offers far superior event trail and user accountability.

In addition to these advanced floor and elevator control features, the CA-A480-A also features full supervision, a backup battery and a fire alarm input.

Technical Specifications

  • 16 on-board floor control relays
  • Fire control input
  • Control up to 64 floors and 2 elevator cabs
  • Destination reporting (requires CA-A482-P Destination Reporting Module)
  • Connects directly to the RS-485 E-BUS
  • Backup battery with selectable battery charge current
  • Individual schedules per floor with on-board 12VDC power supply
  • Fully supervised with comprehensive LED display


Input Specifications

  • Fire alarm: 1
  • Tamper: 1


Output Specifications

  • Relay outputs: 16 form C relays rated at 20A/16VDC (10A/250VAC), N.C./N.O