CT-V900-A – 2-Door Controller

The CT-V900-A is at the heart of every Centaur access control system. The Centaur Server, hardware expansion modules, multi-purpose inputs, card readers, keypads and outputs are connected directly to the CT-V900-A. Multi-controller systems are networked via the RS-485 communication bus (or using the optional CA-ETHER-A over a TCP/IP network). Distributed database architecture allows each controller to make split-second decisions without needing to communicate with the Centaur server.

Lightning-quick, robust and remarkable stability make the CT-V900-A the professional’s choice.

Technical Specifications:


  • Control 2 doors (Reader In / REX Out) or 1 Door (Reader In / Reader Out)
  • Add up to 6 more doors to the CT-V900-A using the CA-A470-A expansion module
  • 10,920 on-board card database
  • 256 Schedules
  • 256 Access Levels
  • 2048 Event Buffer
  • 16 on-board inputs (*using ATZ 2R/3R)
  • 2 on-board 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc field-selectable lock outputs
  • 2 on-board Form C dry contact relay outputs (N/O – N/C)
  • Fully distributed database architecture (access decisions made locally)
  • Flash firmware – Upload firmware via the Centaur Server
  • E-Bus technology add-on hardware modules can be up to 1220m (4000ft) away from the CT-V900-A
  • 2.5A switching power supply
  • Supports common Wiegand, Track 2 ABA (mag stripe) and BCD (keypad) formats
  • Easy maintenance with snap-off terminal blocks
  • Battery backup functionality (2 x 12V 7AH gel-type batteries)
  • Lithium battery protection in case of complete power failure


  • RS-485 controller – expansion module network (9.6k or 19,2k baud)
  • Connect modules up to 1220m (4000ft) away from the controller
  • Plug and play technology
  • RS-232 support to communicate with the Centaur software via serial port, dial-up or LAN

Physical Specifications:

  • Cabinet size: 39cm (15.5”) high x 33cm (13”) wide x 10cm (4”) deep
  • PCB dimensions: 24.5cm (9.65”) x 20.2cm (7.95”)
  • Environment: 5°C to 55°C (41°F to 133°F)

Electrical Specifications:

  • Power input: 24Vac, 75VA or higher, 50/60Hz transformer
  • Supply current: 2.5A maximum
  • Battery capacity: Two 12Vdc, 7Ah, acid/lead gel cell batteries

Input Specifications:

  • Reader Inputs/Ports: 2
  • Keypad Inputs/Ports: 2
  • Multi-purpose Inputs: 16 (using ATZ 2R/3R)

Output Specifications:

  • 12/24Vdc Lock outputs: 2
  • Relays: 2 Form C Dry Contact 5A/30VDC N.C/N.O.
  • Reader Outputs: Six 50mA Open collector outputs (Red/Green LEDs, Buzzer)

On-board Protection:

  • Auxiliary outputs: 2.5A (24VDC), 1A (12VDC & 5VDC) fuseless protection
  • AC protection: 5A fuse
  • Battery reversal: 7A fuse


Whether it’s the main controller, 2-door extension module or elevator controller, we have a CENTAUR module ready to meet any of your access control management needs. The simplicity and user-friendliness of the system’s connections make it a popular choice. CENTAUR is a match for any access control challenge!

2-Door Controller

2-Door Expansion Module

Elevator Controller

Destination Reporting Module

USB to RS-485 Converter

TCP/IP to RS-232 Converter (Replace the CA-ETHR-A)

Relay Expansion Modules

Tracker LCD Module Designed

RS-485 Network Hub

Lock Control Module

2-Door Master Kit with serial cable

2-Door Master Kit with USB converter

2-Door Master Kit with IP converter

2-Door Controller Kit

2-Door Expansion Kit


CENTAUR Integrated Access Control Software offers you a complete access control solution. From a single door system to a complex multi-site installation with numerous card holders, Centaur is geared to perform and gives you a level of flexibility never seen in the industry. CENTAUR grows with you as the needs of your facility evolve, Centaur can easily be expanded to conquer any access control challenge.

Up to 16 Doors
– 1 site

Up to 128 Doors per site
– 64 sites

Up to 512 Doors per site
– 64 sites

Up to 2048 Doors per site
– 64 sites

Up to 2048 Doors per site
– 100 sites simultaneously