Request-to-Exit Devices

VHESS – Surface Mount Infrared Request to Exit Switch

Request-to-exit devices are used in conjunction with access control systems to ensure that tenants are able to freely and safely exit an area. Many options such as exit buttons, hands-free infrared, or touch sensitive devices make it an ideal choice for releasing maglocks or door strikes. CDVI offers a full range of request-to-exit devices to meet all of your needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Stainless steel
  • Range: 25 to 50cm (10 to 20 inches)
  • Visual and audible feedback
  • Input voltage: 9/15VDC.
  • Consumption: stand-by = 25mA. activation = 65mA
  • VHESF: Flush mount version

Illuminated Request to Exit Push Button

Infrared Exit Sensor

Request-to-Exit Switch