Terms and Conditions

The prices are valid at the time of printing, but they can vary without previous notice. The goods will be invoiced by the decree of prices to the date of shipment and we reserve the right to amend any error or omission. The Value Added Tax will be added at the billing time. The prices are quoted in CAD “Ex- Works” for the client.

Approved customer accounts are strictly net every month. The customer’s accounts will be approved only by the order’s monthly payment. For the clients without credit history, the payment must be sent with the purchase order. If you wish to apply for credit facilities, you can request an authorized Form of Request and fill it in. If there are overdue payments, any new order and/or pending orders, will be blocked until the account is up to date. The credit facilities will be withdrawn from any company that is continually late with the payment of their invoices. There will be an additional charge by any check or promissory note rejected by the bank. A 2,5% interest will be charged to the expired accounts per month or the corresponding fraction from the invoice date, whichever happens first. If legal actions are necessary to reclaim the money, all the incurred costs (including time, the search of an agency, and fees) will be added to the pending debt.

Unless there are specific instructions from the client, the deliveries will be sent by the normal route and transported to the regular destination or the one indicated on the client’s order. CDVI does not take any responsibility of errors when a written confirmation is not received. Every effort is made to meet the delivery dates but it is impossible to guarantee them. CDVI is not responsible for not delivering on time.

Loss in Transit
All the products are packed-up to guarantee a safe transport and the company does not accept responsibilities for any loss or damage during transportation. Loss or damage complaints must be notified to CDVI and the carriers within 3 working days from the delivery date. Claims must be done within 7 days from the delivery date.

Acceptance of Goods
We reserve the right to demand the clients to accept the delivery of ordered goods in the agreed time.

Returns & Repairs

A) Ordered products not in stock: The seller will not accept returned products purchased with an order.

B) The material must be under warranty. Products considered obsolete will not be able to be returned.

C) Returned material must be in perfect conditions. They must have not been used or installed. They must be in their original packaging with all its mounting accessories and technical sheets as well as a copy of the delivery note.

D) The return of material will in no way give right to a refund in cash. It will be compensated in future purchases.

E) Articles sent for repair must be attached with a copy of an RMA. The RMA must be requested from CDVI’s Technical Service Department for approval before returning the goods. The RMA must indicate the nature of the product default, buyer’s name and proof of purchase.

F) Repair costs will be incurred for any returned product out of warranty.

G) In any case, only prepaid delivery merchandise will be accepted.

Warranty and advanced replacements
Every CDVI manufactured product has warranty ranging from 1 year to 5 years warranty, depending on the product. Products not manufactured by CDVI or Distribution products will only be arranged with prior agreement with the manufacturer. The warranty of all CDVI supplied products is attached to a repair policy and not to a replacement beforehand. At our discretion and only to credit account holders, CDVI could arrange to send replacements beforehand but should not be expected. CDVI will not be responsible in any way by the failure of any product supplied. And CDVI is not responsible for the labor costs generated by the substitution of defective products.

Suitability of products
We do not accept any responsibility for the products prescribe in any given project by you as being sufficient for any intention in particular. Verbal instructions are accepted as fundament that CDVI is not responsible of the errors derived from it.

According to CDVI policy of progressive improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and/or price of any item without notice, without incurring any liability. All information and data in the company’s literature is subject to change and is only for general information.

All products, materials or services mentioned in unpaid invoices will be wholly owned by CDVI until complete payment is received. In case of breach of payment, full responsibility of payment of all goods and services is required, including interest and additional costs generated by the buyer’s directors individually or collectively. It is an agreed condition of these terms and conditions, such directors must indemnify CDVI for all costs and losses caused by any reason.