The U4GO readers are easy to install and set up. It’s perfectly suited for ATRIUM, CENTAUR, or any 26-bit Wiegand-capable access control system through its Wiegand output.

The U4GO provides secure long-range access for many applications such as parking facilities, gated communities, campuses, and rolling stock.

Which one to choose?

Whether your project requires a mid-range or a long-range UHF reader CDVI UHF products can easily fulfill your needs. An added benefit is the capability to add a second antenna to the receiver.

A6U49: This mid-range reader will detect credentials up to 6 m (22 ft).

A10U49: This long-range reader will detect credentials up to 10 m (30 ft).

Credential Types

Choose between different types of credentials available for U4GO systems such as UHF windshield adhesive tags (for interior or exterior), UHF ISO cards or even a  UHF license plate tag.

Stand-Alone RF Module

The high-security protocol (AES128) RF module can also manage up to 100 remote transmitters. Equipped with 2 relays, the receiver is compatible with our RADIUM AES encrypted remotes.

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