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From innovative access control and durable locking solutions to door automation and next-generation biometrics, CDVI is here for you. We are committed to designing and manufacturing the best security and entry products on the market. Whatever you need, we work hard to provide: sales advice, technical support, marketing resources, expert training - it's all for you.

Guildo's Workshop

Meet Guildo Morneau, our training manager with decades of experience in the industry. He provides training sessions across Canada and USA, as well as online webinars. Teaching you all you need to know on the ATRIUM system and CDVI products. He is also the face of our educational YouTube series "Guildo's Workshop". This insightful series includes unboxing videos, product presentations, tutorials, tech tips and more! If you're looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in CDVI access control don't hesitate to reach out to Guildo - a true expert and a familiar face in the industry.

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