Access control is crucial for banks and financial institutions to safeguard sensitive information, comply with regulations, manage risks, maintain customer trust, and ensure the integrity and continuity of their operations. Designers, specifiers, and installers of high security access control systems know that no two projects are identical.

Every bank and financial institution’s premises is in a unique situation, with unique requirements for security and access. These buildings must combine rigorous security with the need for efficiency, as well as offer a publicly accessible area.

A locked padlock sits on top of a laptop computer to represent cyber security

End-to-end encryption

KRYPTO is the ultra-high security version of our trusted ATRIUM access control system. Equipped with military-grade AES encryption, KRYPTO automatically creates unique authentication keys for each site and each credential, so that data is robustly protected throughout the system. Card cloning, a significant risk factor for high security environments, is made impossible by the AES block cypher.

There’s no manual configuration required to set up encryption in the KRYPTO system. Straight out of the box, it’s all done automatically for you.


Powerful, impenetrable access control
Advanced biometric authentication
Seamlessly integrated building management
A side view of a glass entrance door to an office, with many people walking towards it, slightly blurred to show the speed of their movement

Reliable capacity management

The A22K controller, also offers a built-in counting function that makes it easy to set up sophisticated security protocols. As people enter or exit a given area, they present their credentials and the controller instantly updates its capacity log for that area. When the pre-defined occupancy limit for that area is reached, all the doors to the area are automatically locked and won’t allow anyone else to enter until a space is freed.

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