The mobile credential is the future of the access card. Giving users the convenience of using their phone to unlock doors, while maintaining a high level of security.

Scroll down for a series of How-To videos, from activating your Krypto Mobile-PASS into your phone to managing the App.


For security reasons, a user’s Mobile-PASS is permanently linked to their phone and cannot be transferred.

For System Administrators



Activate your AMC25 license (25 Krypto Mobile-PASS)

Get a quick introduction tutorial on how to activate your AMC25 license in the ATRIUM system.


Sending a Krypto Mobile-Pass

Discover the 3 ways to send a Krypto Mobile-PASS to a user.

For Users



Activate your Mobile-PASS

In this session, you will learn the 3 ways to add a Krypto Mobile-PASS in your phone.


How to use the ATRIUM BT app

Get an overview of the mains functionalities of the ATRIUM BT app.


How to adjust the Bluetooth range

Watch this video to discover how to adjust the Bluetooth range in the ATRIUM BT App.

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