Ethics and ecology

What’s more important than the sustainability of our collective home? At CDVI, we’re dedicated to making real changes to the way we do things in order to reduce our impact on the environment and foster a sustainable business plan for the future. Read on to learn more about our commitment to the environment and all the things we’re doing now and planning to do in the future to improve.

We’re making changes right across our business, from big things like choosing more eco-friendly suppliers for our raw materials to small things like separating recyclable rubbish in our office. Because if we all work together to make more responsible choices, we can keep climate change under control and protect our planet.


Changing our products
Changing our packaging
Changing our practices

Changing our packaging: digital manuals

The CDVI Group manufactures and sells more than 1000 products around the world. That means that we have to produce documentation to support all of those products – datasheets, installation manuals, user guides, and more. Historically, we’ve printed everything, which meant a lot of wasted paper.

Now, all our documentation is available online. We’re only printing manuals when necessary, and we’ve reduced the size of manuals that are included in product packaging. In some cases, such as with our ievo fingerprint readers, we’ve stopped printing manuals entirely. Instead, the products arrive in packaging that includes a QR code. The installer or customer just has to scan the QR code to access a secure file containing all the necessary documents.

Changing our practices: LED lighting

Our product assembly plants in Bury, France are large factory sites. Because of the machinery on-site, the factories need almost permanent lighting throughout the day for safety reasons. This means that our energy consumption for lighting was very high.

Because we cannot reduce the amount of time that we fully light the factories, we are instead investing in switching to 100% LED lighting. Compared to the existing neon lighting, this simple change will reduce energy consumption by 50% every year.

Changing our products: magnetic pull handles

Magnetic pull handles consist of aluminum handles with electro-magnetic locks built into the housings. They provide a robust, discreet, and attractive locking solution. We have completely overhauled the entire manufacturing process for our magnetic handles, from raw materials to packaging and transport. By making a simple change like selecting a new supplier for aluminum, we’re saving more than 450 tons of CO2 every year.

Making positive changes for our future

We're committed to doing better in every part of our business. Better products, better packaging, and better practices to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. #cdvigoesgreen