CDVI is proud to announce the new ATRIUM KRYPTO Mobile-PASS.

The KRYPTO Mobile-PASS is the perfect tool for any user who wants to use their smartphone as an access card. Simply download the free ATRIUM BT app from the Apple or Google Play Store. When combined with our high-security KRYPTO controllers and Bluetooth readers, this mobile credential solution offers rock-solid security. Krypto Mobile-PASS, combining simplicity & higher security. KRYPTO Mobile-PASS works with the newest ATRIUM software (V6.0.0.168 or higher) and A22K controller firmware (V2.00.451 or higher). announce the new ATRIUM KRYPTO Mobile-PASS.


  • Get 5 FREE mobile-PASS per ATRIUM System
  • No cloud required
  • Compatible with ATRIUM A22K access control system and Krypto high-security Bluetooth reader
  • No yearly fee
  • Mobile-PASS sold in packs of 25

5 ways to unlock doors

  • Biometric (facial recognition or fingerprint)
  • Scan your phone
  • Simply tap the door icon
  • Voice command (Say ”Open Door”)
  • Get automatically detected


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