What is ievo biometric security?

ievo biometric security solutions are designed to bring the high performance and high security of biometric technology to the access control market. Intended for seamless integration into a wide variety of access control and time & attendance systems, ievo combines ease of use with powerful next-generation technology.

With fingerprint readers using best-in class multi-spectral imaging to analyze both the surface and subsurface of fingerprints, ievo offers a reliable biometric solution. The ievo Interface Board provides storage capacity for up to 50,000 fingerprints, ensuring a scalable system that will grow with you.

Best-in-class high security fingerprint readers
Instant facial recognition technology
Seamless integration with access control

Facial recognition in just 1 second

ievo iface™ is an advanced biometric facial recognition terminal that matches faces with its onboard database in just 1 second.

iface™ detects, analyzes, and matches faces even in low ambient lighting conditions thanks to its dual-camera setup. One camera uses the visible light spectrum, while another uses the near-infrared spectrum to identify facial features. iface™ brings accuracy, reliability, and impressive speed to biometric access control, as well as a hygienic contactless solution.

  • Simple integration with ATRIUM access control
  • Built-in MIFARE® DESFire® card reader
  • International language support

Why choose biometrics?

Better security

Biometric data is unique to individuals, making it extremely difficult to lose, steal, or clone.

More compliance

Card sharing is a thing of the past, as biometric features cannot be lent out.

Less admin

Registering, removing, and replacing credential information is quick and simple.

Data protection

Zero data is stored on the ievo fingerprint reader heads, meaning data isn’t at risk even if the reader is vandalized.

High durability

Best-in-class sensors mean ievo offers solutions for indoor, outdoor, and harsh weather conditions.


Integrations with ATRIUM access control creates comprehensive building management systems.

ievo desktop biometric fingerprint enrolment reader being used next to a laptop

Do you need ievo technical support?

Out technical support is available 8:30am - 8:00pm Monday to Friday (EST).