What is DIGIWAY?

DIGIWAY is a sleek door automation solution for swing doors. Fully customizable and with remote smartphone-assisted programming, DIGIWAY makes installation and maintenance easy. A flexible solution, DIGIWAY door operators can be installed on both single and double doors, as well as on internal and external doors.

Mobility and accessibility are essential for efficient flows of foot traffic. Whether it’s a residential care home requiring easy wheelchair access, or a busy school managing regular surges of people passing through, DIGIWAY provides an effective solution.

Another setting where the DIGIWAY solution ideal is hospitals and clinics. Spaces where hygiene and the transmission of germs is a concern. Door automation can reduce and even eliminate the amount of touched surfaces.


Combine ease of use with reliable operation
Backed by a 2-year CDVI warranty
Better accessibility for people with reduced mobility
Automatic door opener mounted on top of a door frame with door closed and blue magnetic handle mounted on left side of door

Why choose DIGIWAY?

  • Built-in receiver – create complete entry solutions
  • Wiegand 26-bit output – easily integrated with access control systems
  • Hygienic access – the only truly touchless solution
  • App assistance – program from your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Discreet cable-free appearance and quiet operation
  • Aesthetic satin-anodized aluminum finish with stainless steel arm


3 Possible Set Up
  • Fully automatic. The entrance is equipped with sensors that detect whenever a person is approaching the door. When a person is detected, the door is triggered to open immediately.
  • Semi automatic. There is a button or infrared activation sensor installed at the side of the doorway. The door is only triggered to open when a person approaches and either presses the button or waves a hand in front of the sensor.
  • Security controlled. The entrance is served by an access control system. When a person approaches, they must validate their access rights by presenting a credential, such as a card or fob.