Essential for any access control system, it is evident that electric strike hardware must be carefully selected! To shed some light on the selection process, we have defined 5 questions to consider when selecting these devices.

1- What type of lock is currently on the door?

To determine the type of device you will need, properly identifying the existing type of lock on the door helps in making a well-informed selection.
Click here to obtain a list of these different types.

 2What is the type of door frame?

With doors prepared for cylindrical or mortise locks, metal door frames are usually prefabricated to ANSI standards (4-7/8” x 1-1/4”). While an electric strike with a longer faceplate is necessary for wooden door frames. This prevents the wood from splitting when installing the mounting screws.

3- Alternating (AC) or Direct current (DC)?

Alternating current (AC) strikes are designed for intermittent usage and emit a loud buzzing noise when activated. Intermittent usage or Continuous Duty (extended activation periods) direct current (DC) strikes are also available. Direct current strikes are the quieter solution as they do not buzz whilst activated.

4- Is the door Left or Right-Handed?

To determine this, stand outside the door and face the door. A left-handed door has its hinges on the left. A right-handed door has its hinges on the right. Some electric strikes are “handed” and are designed to only be installed on one side of the door frame or the other. 

 5- Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure?

This choice is of utmost importance and is of the highest significance in life safety situations. In the case of any emergency exit door, the local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) must be consulted.

  • Fail-Safe: These electric strikes unlock when power is removed/lost. The door can be pushed or pulled open when the electric strike has no power to it.
  • Fail-Secure: These electric strikes are in a “locked” position when power is removed/lost. This provides security to the building during a power outage. This is the most popular function of electric strikes.

Answering these 5 fundamentals questions will put you on the right track to making the best decision for your projects. All these components working together will provide the upgraded security with the convenience you are looking for.

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