A22K Wiegand Kit (2 x DGLPFNWLC26)

This AK-DGLP Kit is a one-stop shop for standard access control projects. It includes two DGLP FN WLC26s, a multi-technology reader that reads most popular 26-bit Wiegand card formats including HID.

Additionally, the A22K can easily be converted to an Elevator Controller (A22KEC), Schlage Door Handle Controller (ADH2K), or Aperio Door Handle Controller (A2PK) as needed. ATRIUM’s efficiency will simplify your life.

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Key features

  • (1) A22K controller
  • (2) DGLPFNWLC26 Readers
  • (15) Credentials (5 CS + 5 KTAG + 5 DISCTAG)
  • ATRIUM software

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  • Technical specifications

    • Security Level
    • User Limit
      up to 10,000 users in ATRIUM
    • Mounting