Say “No” to card cloning! Prevent this unfortunate trend by using CDVI’s high security KRYPTO solution. Discover several reasons why KRYPTO is the right product to recommend to your customers below.

Instant High-Security Out of the Box

When people hear the words “High Security” they think; It must be complicated!

Why not develop a high security solution that is simple? That’s the challenge our R&D engineers tackled when designing the KRYPTO solution. KRYPTO provides instant high security, without arduous programming and endless tinkering, right out of the box.

KRYPTO’s end-to-end “eco-system” provides military-grade encryption without requiring advanced technical knowledge. Simply present a DESFire EV2 CDVI credential to the KRYPTO card reader to add it to the system. Technicians, even with minimal or no previous access control experience will breeze through system setup. KRYPTO, military-grade encryption made easy!

Unique Authentication Keys

When the KRYPTO system is started, an application ID (AID) with a unique key set is automatically generated. This AID is automatically provided to the KRYPTO card reader and is also used during CDVI DESFire EV2 card enrollment. You will be able to modify or customize the application ID key set as needed.

Fully Encrypted

The ATRIUM KRYPTO solution provides system-wide AES encryption. From the card to the reader, your system is AES128 encrypted and from the reader to the A22K controller the encryption is AES256.  We also provide secure remote connectivity with an SSL/TLS certification (HTTPS) to ATRIUM web server!