CDVI is proud to officially announce the acquisition of ievo.

Founded in Newcastle, England, ievo designs, manufactures and distributes reliable and innovative biometric fingerprint recognition products. Their ability to deliver practical solutions meets the demands of the most challenging environments and industries.

ievo has made 2 different biometric readers. The micro (IEVO-M) and the ultimate (IEVO-U). They are differentiated by the use and the conditions in which they are installed.
The micro is the perfect indoor solution that can save both time and costs to any business and industry. Using a best-in-class optical sensor, the Micro delivers a fast, accurate and reliable biometric solution.

The ultimate employs a high performance multi-spectral imaging (MSI) sensor. It reads fingerprints from both the surface and subsurface levels even if they are hard to distinguish due to external factors such as dirt, moisture, and damage. This is the perfect outdoor solution as it remains operational in harsh weather conditions.

Both of these readers require the Interface board to work. This interface has a capacity of 10K (IEVO-MB10K) or 50K (IEVO-MB50K) fingerprints depending on your needs and can support up to two fingerprint readers.


Easy Enrollment!

To provide a quick, simple and effective method of enrolling users’ fingerprints, ievo completes its product line with 2 USB desktop enrollment units (IEVO-MDR and IEVO-UDR).


Integration within ATRIUM Software

On Nov. 1st, the new version 7.0 of the ATRIUM software will be available for download from our website, giving you the opportunity to manage fingerprints with the A22 or A22K controller.


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